What if serial murder sprees, demons, relationship problems, near death experiences and depression was an ordinary Monday for you?

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After what he's known as the worst year of his life, Ezekiel moves to the town of Port Keyba, Oregon, and meets old friends and new. Once he meets his new friends Daniel, Jack & Brooklyn, He discovers that the town has dark secrets, and the city is swarming with evil from all over.

From the darkest depths of hell, to ordinary everyday citizens, everyone in the town is bad in someway, and the friends must survive these threats, like a yandere with more connections than Bezos, walking corpses, gangsters, the town's mafia, and relationship problems.

Do the friends survive? Will ANYONE survive? Read to find out.

Port Keyba is based off an old roleplay me and my friends did back in the beginning of 2021. Names have been changed to protect the characters and people associated with them.